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Pham Kieu Oanh

Founder, CSIP Vietnam

"I hope that SENA will be developed to be a great home of sharing, empowerment and partnership for social enterprises in the region. Social entrepreneurship is very new concept in Vietnam. I need your help and support for a strong SE movement and great impact SEs in Vietnam and other countries."

She founded Vietnam's first organization that does social enterprise support & incubation. CSIP had supported over 30 social enterprises in Vietnam. 

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Myths about social enterprises

The concept of social enterprises has a long history, albeit manifested under different names and forms.

The backlash against the deficiencies of capitalism in recent years has accentuated the development of social enterprises around the world. However, there is still not a shared consensus on what social enterprises are.

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Posted by Praewa Satutum on October 1, 2012 at 2:15pm

What are Social Impact Bonds?

In the UK, approximately 40,200 adults leave prison after serving less than 12 month sentences.  It costs taxpayers £213 million per year for the prisons yet 73% of these offenders reoffend within 2 years of release as they unsuccessfully resettle into the community.  As government spending is focused on expensive interventions that deal with the consequences of the issue rather than…


Posted by Praewa Satutum on July 9, 2012 at 4:20pm

Analysis: Are charities still special?


With the rise of social enterprise, many in the sector believe the concept of charity is getting blurred. Stephen Cook reports on the debate and David Ainsworth analyses the various not-for-profit legal forms. Continue Reading

Posted by May Veena on July 5, 2012 at 11:30am

City slickers volunteer to boost social enterprises

A volunteering scheme that matches London’s City-based businesses with community organisations has announced a new plan to support growing social enterprises. 


Posted by May Veena on June 28, 2012 at 4:33pm

New generation of social entrepreneurs put skills to transforming Asia

Social enterpreneurship grows in area where neither innovation nor social and environmental problems are in short supply. Continue

Posted by May Veena on June 25, 2012 at 3:26pm

Big Society Capital Marks a Paradigm Shift

(From SSIR) The founding chair of Big Society Capital explains how the UK’s social investment bank will harness entrepreneurship and capital to solve societal problems.  (READ…

Posted by sunit shrestha on June 22, 2012 at 4:03pm

Social innovation: Have You Heard of mLearning?

A report true to real social innovation, published by the GSMA, a mobile industry body, called "Shaping the future - realising the potential of informal learning through mobile," explores mobile technology's potential to improve access to education for young people in developing…


Posted by Praewa Satutum on June 22, 2012 at 1:01pm

Role of Impact Investment and Philanthropy in social development

The Monitor Group recently published an insightful study titled ‘From Blueprint to Scale’, in which they reviewed hundreds of examples of social sector inclusive businesses in Africa and Asia to answer the critical question on the role of philanthropy and impact investment in addressing social development challenges in developing and third world countries.

The Monitor study attempts to answer a key question: if market-based, socially inclusive solutions can make a wider social impact,…


Posted by Praewa Satutum on June 20, 2012 at 2:52pm

Partnership highlight

Asian Social Investment Community Workshop 2012

The workshop brought together over 20 practitioners actively working to invest and support social enterprises across East & Southeast Asia. They shared field insights on the stage of the sector across the region. Some of the insights included;

  • We are in the early stage in term of growth of social enterprises across the region; few big fishes with structured support while there are lots of smaller fishes that can't systematically access any type of viable financial support. 
  • The need of more differentiated and integrated financial ecosystems to support social enterprises at different sizes and stages. 
  • Underestimation on the need and cost of capacity development and investment readiness works.
  • The need of mechanism for possible replications of successful model across the region.  
  • Lack of social innovations on the ground that could turn into viable & scalable social enterprises. 

The participants also brain-storming on unmet needs in the market and proposed potential solutions they will be working in partnership. Some partnership potential are..

  • Common message from the practitioners on the realistic expectation of social investment in the region such as in term of returns, risk, time-to-maturity, gaps & opportunities. 
  • Success cases documentation & media promotion
  • Matching systems (social enterprises & investors) as well as social investment information platform where social investors contribute their deals information, third party supporters as well as regulatory data.    
  • Rapid regional replication platform to maximize successful social enterprise models and scale them across the region. 


SE Bank

We discussed about how SE needs financing beyond traditional VC model.. actually they mostly need some sort of loan service. So how can we already begin to do this... Romy suggested we should just pool together small funds from SE support orgs &…Continue

Tags: loan, banking, bank, se

Started by sunit shrestha Jul 26, 2012.



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